“He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” – Richard Henry Dann

I have been teaching in earnest for a very long time (since 1977) and am constantly invigorated and inspired by all of the students I have had the pleasure to work with. Teaching allows me to grow and expand my breadth of experiences as I continue my own musical journey.

The vast majority of students that come to me now are interested in improving their drumset skills in the jazz and rock idioms, with a concentration on the following topics:

• Traditional jazz styles and concepts

• Sight reading and rhythmic comprehension

• Chart reading techniques

• Orchestration of drumset sounds

• Time-keeping skills, in all styles

• Improvisation, with an emphasis on melodic invention and motivic construction

• Motion studies – applying patterns and stickings in a useful and practical manner

• Developing a personalized sound and concept

• Concentrated study and analysis of the masters of the instrument, from Baby Dodds and Zutty Singleton to (insert current favorite here)

• Introduction to brazilian, afro-cuban, west african styles

• Guided listening studies for all idioms

• Technical studies with emphasis on practical and musical applications

• Musical creativity in context – for all performance situations

Many of my current and former students have been selected to and performed with numerous national, regional, state, and local honor groups spanning the last 30 years. Many former students continue to pursue successful musical careers in every conceivable genre. It has been my great privilege to be a small part of their musical education.

Please contact me via lessons@brianhamada.com if you are interested in drumset lessons.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Lesson guidelines, goals and expectations (.pdf)

Recommended Lesson Books, Methods, Recordings, Materials List (updated constantly) (.pdf)

Vendors (Local)

Bentley’s Drum Shop

4477 N Blackstone Ave
Fresno, CA 93726
(559) 222-5011

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