Happy Birthday, Elvin Jones!

“The first time I hung out with Elvin was at Logan Airport in Boston. He had a layover and I had a layover so we had lunch and talked. I was working with Wynton [Marsalis] at the time and maybe he knew that, but it really didn’t matter what level I was on. Just the fact that I was trying to play was good enough for him. He would stare at me for a while without saying anything, which was kind of mysterious, but then at some point he said, ’It appears that you have a propensity for dealing with an abstract conception,’ and it came out of nowhere. And I was like, ’What do you mean? About music or about life?’ And he said, ’Aren’t they both the same thing?’” — Jeff “Tain” Watts (from “13 Drummers Remember Elvin Jones”: DRUM! Magazine, August/September 2004, by Bill Milkowski)