Here you may (or may not) find bits of information on my musical goings on, for better or worse.

I’m continually finding inspiration from all art forms and across all mediums – there’s too much good music to listen to, too many good movies to see, too many good books to read, too many pundits to ignore, too much YouTube to watch. . .

headIf you’ve stumbled across this site by mistake or just happened to be ‘Googling’ my name (though I can’t imagine why . . .), then you’ve already discovered that this is still a work in progress. Drop me a line, if it’s been awhile. No blogs yet, but I’m happy to vent one-on-one. So, this is my modest attempt at putting my best feet & hands forward. I have been dabbling in the wild and wacky world of the internet since about 1996 in various forms, so I decided it was time to register my domain name and have a go at it.

I hope to populate this space with much of the obligatory stuff, a bio, my equipment list, artsy pictures of me staring into a mindless expanse holding my sticks (not), blah blah blah, etc. If I begin to take myself a little too seriously with this self-promotion business – kick me, it’s OK.

kitI will occasionally have a fun gig from time to time, and on the rare occasion get to play drums with some pretty scary jazz musicians who can play or sing their rear ends off and who have real websites. These events will be prominently displayed all over this place since I am so proud & humbled to be a part of some real music-making, and, well, because it’s so gosh-darned cool.

I am also very fortunate to be able to work alongside some very talented & esteemed jazz educators and musicians over the past few decades and have found these endeavors to be some of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences anyone could ever imagine.


Life is good.

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